Every Honda Civic Type R FK2 is already a stunning appearance after leaving the factory in Swindon, England. Honda has therefore done more than its best to make everything right on this car with an end result that we know today. About every part has been thought through for a long time by the Honda engineers and has a real function. So leave the car standard as she is is certainly not wrong. Yet there are owners who always want that little bit more to their Type R. Tuning your ride they call it so after placing one or more after market parts your Type R get even more exclusive on the road between the gray everyday mass. Today, and despite the low production figures, there is a lot to get for the car or to make her even more powerful than she already is. On this page I will try to mention as many manufacturers as possible, with a link to their website, where each of us can find something to spoil his car. Have fun!



If you know another brand with you can not find above, please mail me and attach the link so I can add this one also.