Up to date list here by date of 17.06.2024 and did you know that:

  • Honda UK told me the total number of FK2's registered in Europe is 6717 cars. Worldwide? But according a member off my FB-group his inside Honda-contact there must be +/- 8007 cars rolled off the production line in Swindon. This figure also includes the Pre-Production cars (the R-00000), Japanese models (750) and the SE (Special and 100 Limited Edition) models. Not much if you ask me so we can speak of an exclusive car here.
  • The 8007 FK2's all have birth year 2015 or 2016 with birthplace Swindon, England. Do you want to know the exact date of birth of your FK2? Then go with you chassis or VIN number to your official Honda dealer and they can tell you when your FK2 has seen the daylight.
  • For Japan were there only 750 cars available which were sold out in no time. For the lucky one's were there 550 Championship White and only 200 (!) Crystal Black Pearl for sale. These cars are also provided with separate numbers and have only 4 digits instead of 5. 
  • For the UK market there are only 100 Black or Final Edition's (the final 100 FK2's!) what makes this a very special car for our British friends. Until now I found already 74 off them! One popup in Ireland and another even in Malaysia! 
  • In the United Kingdom there are 2250 FK2's sold witch are split up as follows: Championship White, 525 cars / Milano red, 469 cars / Crystal Black Pearl, 448 cars / Brilliant Sporty Blue, 411 cars / Polished Metal Metallic, 396 cars. This country is the biggest consumer from the FK2!
  • In Germany Honda sold 1395 FK2's included 150 Special Editions in Championship White and Crystal Black Pearl. 
  • In France we can find 531 FK2's including 58 Championship White Special Editions.
  • Switzerland. Not a  big country but there you can find back 815! FK2's.
  • In Turkey Honda sold 78 cars and all those are all Non GT models.
  • In South Africa Honda sold 110 CTR's. These are all Non GT's with some options from the GT model and RHD.  
  • I found already, and with the help from members from my FB group, in 72 country's already a total of 4664 CTR's. And we don't give up! The intention is to find as many as possible driving around on this globe!

Total CTRs sold in the world in various models


CTR's locations in the world.